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Whether it is watching,Still,Can take a long time,Then digest,Becomes your own thing。

This is the release of talent,There is a wula in the heart gradually sublimated.。 “Rumble” As if the sky is fried。 Swords and death in the ground,At the same time collapse。 White,Blackness,Flogging,Entangled,Just like the true dark clouds roll。 Surrounding many forests are broken,Ground earth and stone,Dust,Flying。 The moment of shocking。 Xia Jiu and the air […]


at dusk。 Ship from West Lake,Come to the building。 http://www.xiahuazhongxue.cn Two people eat,I dotted the so-called store.“Ten famous food”,Vinegar、Chicken、火踵 神仙 鸭、Fish head soup,Soon full of tables。 Qian Yao is used to it.,Facing this shameful behavior,Good heart reminded two people can’t eat。 Chen Linzhi’s answer is simple and rude,Just say yourself worth more than 20 million […]