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cursor?! Meet Chevat·Egarford’s gaze,Chen Geng took out another piece of paper,It looks like one placed upside down、Maybe a lot90A mechanical mouse with a trackball that we have never seen(Some military enthusiasts may have seen this thing from the video of some warship command and control systems or missile launch systems.,The operator rubs a round ball […]


After knowing that Jack Welch was ready to attack Chrysler’s dealers,Chen Geng’s simple way:“Too petty。” “……” Jack Welch looked at his boss suspiciously,I don’t quite understand what my boss means。 Chen Geng waved his hand,Honestly speaking:“Since you plan to attack Dodge,Sniper across the board,What’s the point of playing small?” Sniper across the board?! Jack Welch […]

Qiao Ming immediately said to Qiao Zhenwu knowingly:“Xiao Fan!”

Qiao Zhenwu said clearly to Lin Feng’s family:“Oh yes,Said it was the young master who personally went to apologize to Xiao Fan from the Lin family。is it?” After Qiao Zhenwu’s words are finished,,See no one cares about him,Not angry,I came directly to Xiao Fan,Asked very arrogantly: “you,Is that Xiao Fan?” Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows,Then […]

Liu Niuer was once a great warlord in the Golden Triangle,As a sharpshooter,He is also a strong secret medicine warrior,He followed Lu Menglin’s side very early,Has always been a military division,Or the way an army commander appears,Rarely fight with personal combat power。

but,This does not mean that Liu Niu’er is not strong enough! Maybe he was not strong,But for a man who holds the power,Have massive resources,For someone who can realize the channel at any time,It’s only a matter of time to become stronger。 After the beginning of the era of national mutation,Liu Niu’er became the first […]

Who can imagine,The strongest online game creator popular in Asia,A game with the most powerful gold-absorbing ability of this century,A great company with strength throughout Asia,His creator and owner,He turned out to be such a young man。

Most people his age,Just stepped out of school,Still working hard to survive,I can’t even think about having such a huge family business。 “you,You are Lu Menglin?”Zhu Yande’s eyes rounded,Asked with a face full of disbelief。 Lu Menglin glanced at him lightly,Said:“My brother’s condition,To let your Zhu family pay off the debt,To apologize to his father’s […]

If it’s the dragon guard alone,It’s still a bit troublesome to get rid of these guys completely,But if it’s the two of them, it’s easy。

Come out from the bottom,The Dragon Mountain Range without the black energy has become much more beautiful。 The creatures here are no longer affected by the underground black gas,Not as brutal as before,Or more close to the people! And in the clear water bamboo house,Two great masters of the world sitting together,Tasting spring wild tea! […]

Chen Geng smiled and looked at the old Jotson:“You and the big guys in the Pentagon can only take it obediently10%Up,I just don’t know that the big guys know that they had a chance to get doubled benefits、But when this opportunity was ruined by you,Will it kill your mind?”

Faced with what Chen Geng said,Old Jotson swallowed subconsciously。 If things really happen like this,What will happen to the big names in the Pentagon? They can’t help it、Not dare to deal with Ford,There is no reason to deal with this kid,So naturally,I became the best way for big people to vent their anger……Think of the […]

To Jack·Welch’s ability,Chen Geng has always trusted,He nodded:“faster,I don’t want those idiots to be proud for too long。”

……………………………… Said he won’t let Al Thani be proud,But this kind of thing also requires a process,Chen Geng is not in a hurry,Seriously, I took advantage of this time to visit other senior officials of the Turkish government and military in this procurement.,However, the reality is a little bit different from what Chen Geng expected,I […]