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“Kid,You win today。But Qingshan does not change,Long green water,I will definitely find this one!remember,My eldest brother is Wu Kun。”

(End of this chapter)I want to chat with more like-minded people《Close combat》,WeChat Follow“Excellent Reading Literature ”,Talk about life,Confidant~ ———— Chapter six hundred and thirteen Don’t want to waste time The law enforcement officer in the distance rushed towards this side,The bald man is ready to leave。 “Did I say to let you go??” Hear these […]

“This meeting is mainly about the joint conference,Their information is already here,Let’s discuss it!”The old man made a simple opening。

Everyone, look at me,I see you,All whispered。 I was talking about the second elder of the trade union,I saw no one talking,First signal everyone to be quiet。 “President,And elders,Everyone already knows the essence of the joint conference,The major forces want to annex my union。” “Correct,Yes,What the second elder said is very!” The second elder motions […]

“How do you know we will come?”Qin Feng frowned,Displeased face。After all, it can be said that they came here temporarily,But can figure out their movements in advance,This kind of thing makes Qin Feng very uncomfortable。

Especially when he has no intelligence network at all,The comparison made him feel very。 Now these people appear,Makes him feel like he has failed。 “What the airline told us。His Majesty felt that he had not given Mr. Liu Xing a formal ceremony.,I owe something in my heart。I thought this time Mr. came here,Naturally enjoy the […]

But now I listen to the other person and don’t take him seriously,He felt completely different。He is a helper invited by Beard,Now the opponent looks down on him again,No matter what angle,He has to do something。Otherwise, I won’t be able to mix up。

“All right,Not quarreling with you。Since you are so confident,Then go to war!”Said this one who was standing behind the wolf knight waved his hand directly,A vigorous attack came oncoming。 Now Qin Feng finally understands why this person is so confident。 Because this is not a master of dark power at all,But Ming Jin! The difference […]

“Yes,Isn’t he your brother?”Tian Lu asked,I’m a little doubtful, just call my brother’s name。

“Is my brother,I usually call him by name,We have very little intersection。We are half-parents,My brother is Ding Keyu。”Ding Yan emphasized。 “Are you trying to tell me about the Ding family??”Tian Lu asked。 “will not,I’m not interested in。Do you really like that person named Ye?”Ding Yan asked。 “Ye Xingkong。”Tian Lu’s supplementary name。 “My bar in Mid-Levels […]

Why do you say that?

Because of the wholeAMCCar management,Only Staf can see through:Yes,I promised the current management to maintain stability、Temporarily not adjust the division of labor,This is correct,But absolutely no promise to let them go on……Otherwise buy it yourselfAMCWhy? future,Adjust the whole by yourselfAMCManagement、It is even necessary to fire some people,As the chairman of the board, Staf is definitely […]

“Know that I am Ding Kelan!”Ding Kelan answered truthfully。

“Does she know what you do?How does she feel about you?” “Should have a good impression too?” “Does she know which company’s boss you are??” Ding Kelan raised his head,Think for a moment:“Should not know,Only mentioned starting a business。” “Ugh,maybe,You put your worth in front of her,A god,She is not sure and immediately bows down […]

In the eyes of all reporters,Fernandez has done its best。

Don’t blame them for thinking like this,It is really……It’s still cold war now,The Soviet Union is even in a strategic offensive posture,Countries on both sides of the Cold War are a bit nervous,Because the Soviet Union appearedAMCDuring the workers’ strike,Many radical groups even made public statements,Think that the strikers should be fired mercilessly——Who can guarantee […]

“Xibehou,You told us to come here is not just a gathering,Talk about it,Do you have any idea?”

at this time,Inside the hall,Nan Bohou E Chongyu looked at the chaotic scene,Said impatiently,Loudly asked Xibo Hou Jichang who brought all the princes over。 As the voice of Nan Bohou, one of the four princes, fell,The princes who were still communicating in the hall quickly stopped talking,anyway,There are four princes,These little princes only need to […]

“Qin Feng,Where are you as a special team?Come just say?Add people?”Duan Xiaolou is really angry,Because she feels Qin Feng treats special forces as a trifle。

“Assist,Don’t you say that,In the previous battle,The two of them also contributed。Even one of them almost died,and so I promised them,Should also be done。”Qin Feng’s right words。 It’s just that he himself knows that this request may be excessive。After all, the poisonous side was not removed,Moreover, Lin Wenkong and Dai Yin actually knew that their […]