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“dead?You kill me,Lord Emperor will order you to kill your whole family!”The teenager glared at each other,Tao。

Lu Menglin smiled:“You didn’t offend me,Of course don’t die!but,I want you to do something for me。” Although that boy is fierce,But I also know that I am definitely not this person’s opponent,Since you just need to do one thing, you don’t have to die,Although he doesn’t say anything,Of course I am willing。 “Tell the emperor,Say […]

Yesterday I saw the tablet that Mo Mo threw to me almost all night,There is no evidence that directly shows that the hirer kidnapped him was Zhu Zhengkang,But as long as you have a brain,I understand that this matter has nothing to do with Zhu Zhengkang。The only regret is that Li Tianxing overestimated his physical fitness,Just stayed up all night,Exhausted。

Supporting his body at this moment,Only hatred after knowing the truth。 Sun Shaozheng used himself to send another meeting gift to Zhu Zhengkang, right??In order to give Sun Shaozheng a favor,Zhu Zhengkang deliberately asked Ye gently, right??Now I have to take revenge one by one,I can’t move Zhu Zhengkang temporarily,But Xiang Chen can! As for […]

“it is good,Just have you。So you really are thinking about the company’s business?I thought you saw people beautiful,Moved the lust!”Jiang Qi smiled straightly。

“You just moved,go away!”Lu Menglin smiled and scolded。 A moment later,Chen Jiannan is back,Set up a place for Lu Menglin upstairs in the company,Computer and internet。 Lu Menglin said hello to two friends,Then he hid in the room。 turn on computer,click to download《Blood legend》game,Then prepare to enter the Hong Kong Island server,Return to the region。 […]

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———— text Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Five I am back ? The skinny monkey son-in-law who was woken up by someone’s two words couldn’t help but shiver,A look of fear appeared on his face。 “I,I’d better apply for insurance to repair the car by myself!I still have something,I’m leaving。”Let’s talk about the skinny monkey […]

This simple action,Suddenly attracted the attention of everyone in the cafe,They all showed surprised eyes,Because this foreign woman’s aura is too strong,I didn’t expect that the person she was waiting for would be such a young boy。

“Mr. Lu Menglin,My name is elizabeth,From Silicon Valley, USA,Nice to meet you。”This woman named Elizabeth tells herself about her family。 “No need to be polite!There is an old saying in China called straight to the point,Since everyone is not very familiar,Then just click!”Lu Menglin remained unmoved,Speak straight。 After his words were heard by those around […]

Zong Huaichun was seven points drunk,Subconsciously touched my cheek with my finger,It seems that the place smoked during the day is still hot and painful,He wants to block those finger marks,Don’t want to be looked down upon by someone。

“You said,As long as i know,Must tell you!”Zong Huaichun really likes this tall and strong kid,Looks a bit like his brother,And sincere attitude。 Lu Menglin thought for a while,Asked:“Why do those who have committed a crime come to the day gate?Wouldn’t Shenchao send troops to attack here??” Zong Huaichun was taken aback for a moment,He […]

“moron,Really an idiot!Do you think that sacrifice will save him??You are too naive,Don’t understand anything at all!”

“Do you know what the sin of blasphemy is??Lei Ji is already the body of God’s sin,There is no power in this world that can save him!He has been cursed by the Dragon God。No matter how many sacrifices you offer, it’s useless,It can only be wasted。” “I’m here watching you perform,Haha!interesting!So funny!” Zhao Changqing is […]

Arrange everything,Long Shi saw that there was less than 10% of the progress bar,I also heard the rapid footsteps running towards me。

Then there was an explosion,There are also many people’s painful crying into Long Shi’s ears。 “Unexpectedly, there is such a funny little girl,The most dangerous place is the safest,It’s not what you can think of?I just want to lose my life here?” The latest in front of Long Shi,Someone she hasn’t seen before。 The middle-aged […]

“let’s start……”

Zhao Feng took a breath,Then began to practice the four sets of eight movements of the skin veins on the outer layer。 Four groups in one cycle,Zhao Feng did more than twenty rounds one after another,Still not sensed“Skin breath”,It’s because of sports,Increased body temperature,Feel colder。 “That’s not enough……” Zhao Feng stopped,Grit your teeth,Push open the […]

“Cousin Wind,Is it really okay??I think Nanye Tubo was very angry at the time!”

“Do you want to have sex with him??Otherwise he will be angry!”Qin Feng disapproved。 I heard Qin Feng’s words,Haruko Miyamoto will blush naturally。Although she is sixteen now,Began to contact some adult taboos,But since she originally attended aristocratic schools。The students in the school are either rich or expensive,Plus the influence of the family,They even Want to […]