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“Among the bosses who were sitting just now,Almost all of Xia’s shareholders,Don’t you want to mix in Qingshan County?I’m still a bit confused after drinking two glasses of wine?”What Wang Yihua said,Not only Lei Ge,Even the face of Luo Liuzi suddenly changed。

Wang Youcai listened,Also surprised。It seems he really underestimated Xia Jian,I didn’t expect him to have such a strong network in Qingshan County。 “President Wang!Sorry,I’m a little bit unsure when I’m old and drinking some wine。In this case,Xia has the final say tonight”Lei Ge lowered his head,Embarrassed。 Xia Jian glanced at Lan Ling and said:“Manager Lan!Do […]

“and,Even people can’t tell whether you are a master warrior or a great warrior.。Can you tell sister,What is your strength?。”

A spiritual power seeps into Li Ming’s sea of consciousness,This mental power has no direct lethality,But full of charm。 “Humph~”With Li Ming’s will,Naturally and easily shattered this illusion technique。 Although the words in the mouth are very gentle,But Li Ming can feel the terrible breath of this enchanting woman。 “Lord?!”Li Ming’s eyes are a little […]

Fuming tilted his head to look at the black blood on the ground,Use energy to wrap it in the bracelet,Turn around and open the door,Qingling and Murongyuan are waiting outside。

But one hopes to succeed,One hopes to fail。 “how about it,Fuming,What happened to my father?”Qing Ling asked eagerly。 Fuming shook his head slowly“No way,Uncle Murong’s injury is too serious,Can’t be cured at all,It’s only two days at most!” This sentence is like a thunderbolt hitting Qingling’s heart,My body is shaking,Muttered“I know,I went to see my […]

“Do you think it is necessary for the imperial court to exist like this now??”

“Could it be that you want to kill me with the line of God?”The young woman stepped forward again,Aggressive,“The emperor is not there,All kinds of demons and ghosts are disgusting,But God always has retribution,I hope you do everything better beforehand。” “You represent God?”The teenager frowned。 “My son can represent。”Young woman turned around,Pulled the yellow robe […]

Yu Qing’s unbelievable look at Gu Ai’an。

Everyone listened to this,Also a mist。 Yu Qing’s business has a problem? Yu Qing is doing money in the future? The reporter only feels that today’s news is already exploded.,I didn’t expect Gu Ai’an’s last sentence that is the key tonight.。 Silence silent,Only the night wind calls。 Yu Qing was shocked to watch Gu Ai’an,The […]

Blue Xin sit down,For a charity party,She is really tired,Why should she promise Lu Haocheng to be his partner??

Self-seeking!Lu Haocheng did not speak,Still go to the balcony breathable。 Lin Yu Tian looked at his back,Slight hook,Not talking。 Lu Haozheng carefully carefully,Already nothing。 Blue Xin took a look of Lu Haoheng from the mirror.,Tall,Give people a feeling of peace of mind。 Lin Wei asked:“Blue Director,Miss Han Jing has signed a contract of the group,You […]

Even specially mentioned Persian,Rate……

“Chu Chuzi recognizes my mother?”Xiao Zhao asked cautiously。 “Want to use《Moving a big move》Will get a matter of money?Chu, I feel that there is no need.。”Chu Deirers also answer。 And Xiao Zhao is already confident,Chu Tai is not recognizing her mother.! Could it be a helper that my mother finds?? “That……Chu Chuzi wants《Moving a big […]

“who are you!”

Chen Xiu’s soft sword pointed at the other side tremblingly,This person puts too much pressure on him,He fought against the ancestors of Baihu,I only feel that the ancestor of Baihu is much different from this person。 Especially his eyes,The gaze seems to penetrate all time and space,Like a substantial sword,Straight to the bottom of my […]

Qin Ning looked at Blue Xin,Ridicule。

These people are just Lu Sin,Qin Ningzhen,Gu Anan,Lin Zikai also has Yao Yaojing。 Several people came in,There are many in the bright studio.。 Lin Zishi looked at the beautiful bluex in the mirror,A face。 “Look,She also wants to go to the charity party.?” Lu Siwen said:“People like her,Going to it is also accompanying,Does she have […]

“Not count,Just learn the martial arts left by Li Subaver.。”Chu Deer said straightforward。

“Yes……Let’s learn together with your three brothers.?”Nothing closers, I have also guessed what。 Duan Yu has just regarded it.“Lingbo slightly”,In addition, the performance of the chess game,Obviously, Duan Yuzhong has a trick of Li Qiushui.,As for the Chu Deirers……It seems that there is no impact,Should be followed! Chu Deiren heard,I asked again.:“Be right!My three brothers […]