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When I said this, Li Hui Feng directly took Qin Su Yala to the side.,Then let Qin Suiya have another arms of themselves,Then, the eyes were directly seen in Jiangyu.。

Seeing Li Hui’s eyes,Jiangsi ghosts have a panic。 And this scene is to let Li Cuihua can’t help but laugh.。 She still felt that Li Hui, this young man actually actually.。 I thought that she was so embarrassed that night.,The other party is still indifferent,Some five flavors do not come up with。 “Humph,The mouth is […]

“What are you silly? Boss Wang!Take the medicine quickly,Give the seat to others”Doctor Lu hit Wang Youcai’s hand。Wang Youcai came back to his senses,Put the prescription on the counter in front of Julan。

Julan glanced at Wang Youcai,said laughingly:“Look at it yourself!” Wang Youcai shook his head,Said weakly:“Can’t use scales,Wait for you to come!”Wang Youcai said,I found a seat on the bench and sat down” He Jing happens to have no patients,She smiled and said:“I’ll serve our boss Wang”This woman said,Got into the counter,Seized two Chinese medicines for […]

For the items in the kit,Wang Hong looks forward to it。

Don’t look at the sea turtle template, it seems to be a little scrapped,But if there is no such thing,I’m afraid he was killed by the unicorn python long ago。 Besides, no matter how weak the sea turtle is,That is also a product of the mythical world。 And Wang Hong is in another world,Currently only […]

Element outbreak:none

Passive skill:none shop:Open,【Click】Check” The store is divided into five copies:Basic skills,Element skills,arms,books,gift。 “Store explained in detail: Basic skills:Bind one,Unmodified。Can improve vouchers through skill quality。 Element skills:including but not limited to:Elementary war,Element outbreak,Purchase as12class(Can adjust the level of purchase)。 arms:Including any weapon,Special exchange weapon in front of:Value。 books:Contains all works of Earth and Twabat。 gift:Can give […]

But I have to practice this internal strength.,That must be male,and……Must first“Home”,Otherwise when the meridians,Unable to achieve effect,Instead, there is a danger of walking into the devil.。

In contrast, I got this heart.,In initial introduction,There will be a very fast progress period。 When the awareness of the Chu Deirers,Emerge《Evil spirits》After the badge,Some surface knowledge,I have already been eaten by the Chu Deirers.! Not self,Be practiced“Evil spirits”,So the Chu Deirers decided to try first.,Not practiced“Evil spirits”,Direct use“Chaotic”Analog。 If successful,That’s not to do anything.——I […]

First0050chapter Take office

Venture Group happens to be on the eighth floor of Zheshang Building。 Xia Jian is standing downstairs,Recalling the day when he was chased by the little security guard Wang Liujin,I have an unspeakable taste in my heart。 Today is his first day at work,Never think about it,Xia Jian sorted out his thoughts,I walked towards the […]

Zhou Li’s crying voice came from the phone immediately:“Xia Jian!What do you mean,Why keep hanging up my phone?”

“I think we basically have nothing to say,So you better stop calling me on the phone。You have to be clear,You have a husband。me too,Already have a wife。So for their families,Never make this call again。Understand?”Xia Jian’s tone is very unfriendly。 Zhou Li on the phone snorted coldly:“What do you mean Xia Jian,You think I am looking […]

“Treasure Map?”Gabriel asked somewhat weirdly:“Little Wright,You really believe there is a treasure map!This probability is too low。”

“I think so too,But this treasure map is still very special,I guess it’s at least the fur of level eight monsters,It might even belong to a level nine monster。” Gabriel dubiously took the treasure map from Wright,Observe carefully for a while,Nodding solemnly,“indeed,This material should be the fur of level nine monsters,But I know the treasure […]

Open-air tea booth,Liao Wenjie,This scene is called one of his purposes.,A small butterfly that prevents open eyes。

Bamboo! A gun ring,Turkey simply,Step overwhelming Stephen·week。 Sound in the gun,Or when the fire cock does not care about it in front of him.,Steven·Terrace,The whole person is awkward。 Until the gun sound,Turkey should be poured,He has not returned to God,I am looking at the picture with love.,The next consciousness reaches hand to the hand。 It […]