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Summary: multi-scholars believe that "laboratory leak" conspiracy is destroying the global cultural effusion

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 31, Satisfaction: Multi-country scholars believe that "laboratory leak" conspiracy is destroying the global cultural affainement efforts Xinhua News Agency Recently, the US government, some media and a few experts have set off a new round of new crown virus "laboratory leak" The hypervisor of conspiracy, also claims to use information […]

The Water City Public Security Bureau held the "Golden Shield" Honor Medal Distribution Ceremony and 2021 "Our Hill – Chongyang" series theme event

The event site. Subsequently, the old comrades came to the Baili River Scenic Area to carry out the "Jiujiu Chongyang, Traveling", and the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Water City Public Security Bureau, and the political commissar Xie Shengliang issued a souvenir to the old comrade participating in the recruitment.The old cadre […]

Resource county held a consolidation of the post-poverty reduction after evaluation and monitoring dynamic adjustment and information collection training meeting

The training will focus on the construction of the key work of expanding the expansion of the poverty reduction, focusing on the interpretation of the assessment indicators of the poverty poverty reduction, help the support of the help of help, monitoring specific business such as dynamic adjustment and information collection. The meeting pointed out that […]

Production and education, Kechong Energy: Promote manufacturing digitalization, intelligent transformation and upgrading

On December 10-11, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education and the Shanshi jointly hosted by the Shanshi, the Guangdong University Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Docking Conference (hereinafter referred to as the docking meeting) were held in the mountains. During the period, the Guangdong University scientific research results transformed the road-playing competition final, and the […]

Uganda’s capital two explosion attacks have caused 6 deaths and 33 injuries

Xinhua News Agency, November 16th (Reporter Zhang Dangping) Uganda police said on the 16th that the two explosion attacks occurred in Campala, the capital of Wuyang, had caused 6 people to be killed, and 33 were injured.Wu Police spokesperson Fred Enean said in the press conference that the deceased included three suicide bomb attackers, the […]

Spacex manned "Dragon" spacecraft remission again

[] According to AFP, local time November 1, NASA announced that due to a healthy problem with astronauts, the space exploration technology company (Spacex) manned "Dragon" spacecraft 3 The task (CREW-3) is scheduled to take rocket launch to the International Space Station on the 3rd. This is the recent second time since the CREW-3 unit […]

The municipal government held a standing meeting, emphasizing that these important matters have been studied without relaxing.

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Gong Zheng presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government, emphasized that according to the deployment of the municipal party committee, without relaxing the efforts of the epidemic prevention and control "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", and building a network security industry innovation highland, Promote […]