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Concentrate gathering accelerates construction modern economy strong province beautiful Hebei

Original title: Concentration gathering accelerates the construction of modern economically strong provinces and beautiful Hebei Province all over the province’s cadres and masses hot discussion, the province’s tenth party congress reports aggressive and accelerated construction modern economy strong province beautiful Hebei Sunday, Hebei cadresSeriously listening to the province’s tenth party discussion related news, and surrounding […]

2020 tot 2021, meer dan 3.800 jaar, Hong Kong, werd gefinancierd door de SAR-regering om de universiteit van vasteland te bevorderen.

  Yang Runxiong, directeur van het Hong Kong SAR-overheidsonderwijsbureau, zei op 18 augustus, in het 2020 tot 2021 schooljaar, in totaal 3.833 Hong Kong-studenten werden gefinancierd door de "basisschool sociaal financieringsprogramma" van de SAR-regering "aan het vasteland, met het bedrag van ongeveer 49 miljoen Hong Kong-dollars. Wanneer Yang Runxiong schreef schriftelijk van de SAR-wetgevende Raad, in […]

Beijing state-owned enterprise continues to increase the adjustment of the reorganization competitiveness to jump on the new level

  In recent years, Beijing state-owned enterprises have continued to increase the adjustment of restructuring, and promote high-quality resources to the dominant enterprises, and implement the Shounong Group, Jing Finan Group and the Second Organization Group Reorganization, the Urban Construction Group and the Human President Group Reorganization, Jingtou Company and Rail Company 18 first-level enterprise reorganizations […]

De centrale overheid geeft de Australische Giant Panda met Macau.

De afbeelding toont de auto die wacht op het transport van de internationale luchthaven van Macau. Draak en bodem heeft om 13:20 op 18 december 2010 genomen, de centrale overheid zal een hart geven aan de zuidwestelijke tak van de zuidwestelijke tak Xiumei Sichuan Airbus A321 geschilderde vliegtuigen, waardoor de geboorteplaats Chengdu blijft, naar het […]

The full-time vice president of the China Trust Industry Association is difficult: the trust industry is facing the historical entity of re-transformation

Party Committee Secretary of China Trust Industry Association, full-time vice president of paint hardship. (Reporter for map) People’s Network Beijing February 8th (Reporter Li Wei) Trust Industry is a field that has been in our country is also an area of ??rectification. Since 2020, the trust industry has improved the top-level system, the pressure drop […]

Autumn wind Wanli Furong, a lake, four water, green

On the cave lake, the migratory birds came, and the porpoise jumped out of the water; the thousands of rivals rivers, the fish Xiang is shallow, all the way to the north song, color does not change. A total of great protection, do not engage in the development, Hunan firmly established green mountains is the […]

The Eighth Ministerial Conference of the China-Non Cooperation Forum interprets the high-end dialogue

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa combined with South African Arency Media Group held the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Non-cooperative Forum Interpretation of the High-end dialogue. The Chinese Embassy in South African is directed to Chen Xiaodong first introduces the basic situation, significant significance and important results of the 8th ministerial meeting of the […]

Construction of unity and rich civilized harmonious and beautiful socialist modern new Tibet (Wanghai Building)

  White Hada is put on the blue sky snowy mountain, happy Gusang flowers open the plateau.   On August 19th, in the Potala Palace witnessed Millennium History, celebrated the 70th anniversary of Tibet and the 70th anniversary of the Tibet. When the congratulations and He Wei unveiled, the venue sounded a long-lasting applause. General Secondary Secretary […]

People’s Daily Shandong Branch President Xu Jingeng: Smart Audiovisual should actively establish the "new three view" of network civilization

Xu Jingeng, President of the People’s Daily, Shandong Branch, conducted a chairman in the General Assembly. Xu Jingeng said that the digital economy has become the main body of growth, and the network has become a social infrastructure. While deconstructing the original production and lifestyle, we will urgently need to vomit forces, go to Rewashing, […]

Aan het einde van dit jaar heeft Nanjing 5 oude gemeenschappen in "sponsgemeenschap"

Modern Express News (Reporter Pan Rong) Op 15 oktober heeft de Modern Express-verslaggever geleerd van het Municipal Comité van Nanjing dat de bouw van de spons-transformatie van Nanjing Oude Gemeenschap volledig is gelanceerd. Deze pilot koos vijf oude gemeenschappen voor spons-transformatie, het verkennen van nieuwe sponsfaciliteiten die voldoen aan de ruimtevereisten, lage onderhoudskosten en om […]