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Chifeng City will honor a prize of 1 million yuan for social attraction results.

  On September 18, the Chifeng Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held the city’s investment promotion and key project construction promotion meeting, and 38 advanced individuals who have been highlighted in the 20020 investment promotion in 20020, and to the Chifeng Merchants ProjectSocial attraction results have been honored to reward for 1 million yuan.The […]

Carry out party construction activities, promote system working vitality

The fourth party branch of the Party Committee of Jixi City, and the Party Branch of the Mishan City Land Tax Tax and Jiji, the party construction, the establishment of the joint ceremony, this year, it is the 95th anniversary of our party, in order to further enhance the identity consciousness, responsibility of all party […]

2020 Nationale Top tien archeologische nieuwe ontdekking wordt aangekondigd! Lichte Shan-site, 2018 bloed nr. 1 tombe

Het Hot Water-tombe is gevestigd in het Warm Water Township Treoland County, Haixi Mongolian Tibetaanse autonome prefectuur, provincie Qinghai, is verdeeld in twee kanten van het noordelijke Wubei Northern Wubei. De Hot Water Tomb Group is een belangrijke graven van de 6 tot 8e eeuw, opgegraven, een groot aantal culturele relikwie?n bewijst dat Qinghai Road […]

Betaling is gemakkelijk terug te betalen! Schoonheidsconsumptie is waakzaam "routine-verkoop"

Het Guilin City Market Supervision Bureau heeft ook verschillende typische schoonheidsconsumptie geschillen in de nabije toekomst. Case 1: Beauty Huidverzorging Allergiebetaling is gemakkelijk te restitueren, Mevrouw Qin heeft 4 ervaringskofferdozen in een schoonheidssalon gekocht, de eerste ervaring is goed, en ze zullen een reeks schoonheidskasten kopen. Allergie?n komen echter na de tweede keer aan. Ik […]

Dengzhou farmers, hard work, new life

"This information I registered, two days contact mobile company to solve it. "The onion’s sales, the comrades of the Municipal Natural Resources and the Planning Bureau are looking for us. I have recently found it online …" Recently, the author in the Valley Village of Taigu Town, Dengzhou City, the village informationman Xie Jiaqun is […]

Cool breezes whisk passengers to central Guizhou cuisine views lead

Visitors stay Huangguoshu B & B. Accompanied by a slight breeze in the evening, Zhenning Autonomous County of Nanjing-Xi’an high-street village swing Buyi folk song bursts echoed, lights and ancient village of stone walls, slate, stone bench, Shimen echoes, modern and ancient collision, show a different kind of beauty. July 15, Buyi traditional festival "June […]

Add a bright color to Shanghai! The Olympic Games Shanghai Summary Commendation Conference held Li Qiang Gong Zheng attended

Li Qiang said that Shanghai sports athletes who gave a triumph to participate in the Olympic Games and the National Games, he could congratulate the country to win honors, and attended the Shanghai Summary Commendation Conference for Shanghai. Gong Zheng’s speech ■ At the Tokyo Olympics, 46 Shanghai sports athletes represent the state, and they […]

Chengdu: Concrete "poetic temperament" in green ecology

  · Xinhuanet Huang Xiaoyu "these years, constantly have colleagues, friends send me pictures or send WeChat circles, just sitting in Chengdu, Xiling Snow Mountain, Xiling Snow Mountain, which is taken on the window, clear. If you are lucky, occasionallyIt is also possible to shoot a Gongga Snow Mountain other than 100 kilometers, which is the […]