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Summer Banana Weight Loss Recipe

Summer Banana Weight Loss Recipe

It’s time to bid farewell to the long sleeves to welcome the summer, and various secret recipes for weight loss have been passed on by word of mouth.

“Banana Weight Loss (Slimming Food)” is highly regarded by many girls as the chief menu.

If you have determined to eat bananas every day, I am afraid that it is easy to get bored. Here are some simple banana recipes to make everyone appetite.

  A Banana Salad The wonderful taste of banana mixed with salad dressing has originally determined its protagonist position in the salad plate.

  Ingredients: Banana, salad dressing. Moderate method: Cut the banana into pieces. Depending on your preference, you can mix it with some other vitamin C rich fruits, such as orange, small tomatoes and green apples (apple food).Row.

  B Gillette banana is a simple and easy-to-make banana snack, which can be a snack for entertaining friends.

  Material: 2 bananas, 1 egg, most flour, small amount of bread crumbs

Put the egg juice in a shallow bowl and stir into the egg slurry; 2.

Cut the banana slices, peel them, add flour to the pan and cover with a layer of flour; 3.

4. After soaking in the egg syrup, scoop another layer of bread crumbs; 4.

Add oil (oily food) and fry until the surface is crispy.

  Tip: Bread crumbs can be bought at the restaurant, or you can buy the bread and crush it yourself before drying.

  C Others recently made fruit dishes, and bananas are also very easy to garnish, such as “Zucchini Yuziyao”, and fried fruits (fruit food) with Yuzi Tofu, can also become a delicious vegetarian dish!

  However, it should be reminded that the banana meat is soft and easy to stick to the pan, so the dishes are light and pure.

In addition, it is quite beautiful and delicious when paired with various desserts.