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Exercise can make you healthier

Exercise can make you healthier

Meditation exercises are not difficult to learn, just like learning tennis, as long as you practice more, you can do very well.

People slowly learn to meditate, and their relaxing functions will also be reflected.

If you have proper meditation during the day, it will be pleasant and easy to be in the day.

  Studies have shown that meditation can do too much for the practitioner: heart health Many people study the effects of meditation on the heart.

Studies have shown that regular meditation can significantly help high blood pressure patients in the long term.

Especially in black people, the blood pressure of hypertensive patients can be significantly reduced.

A study in the United States showed that if adolescents meditate twice a day, every 15 minutes, for the first four consecutive months, blood pressure will drop a little.

  Improving immune function meditation can also help improve immune function and fight disease.

In one study, people’s immune function was tested.

There are consensus participants in this experiment.

One group of meditations, the other group does not.

They were attacked by cold bacteria.

Blood tests performed later showed that the group of participants in the meditation had significantly higher levels of antibodies in the blood than the other group.

  Improving Women’s Healthy Women’s health through long-term, regular meditation exercises can be greatly improved: from infertility to dysmenorrhea, etc. can be improved.

A study showed that 58% of meditation problems in women who have meditated have been greatly improved.

Another study shows that after ten weeks of meditation practice, those infertile women clearly become less nervous, disappointed and depressed than before.

After six months, 34% of women were pregnant with children.

  Improving brain activity According to a recent study in the United States, the deaf people who often do Buddhist meditation are more active in their brain activities – some of the more special activities known as learning and happiness.

Other studies have shown that meditation can decompress people and slow down physical pain.

  How do you know that meditation is working?

Scientists say that if you are practicing meditation, your body will continue to heat up, feel comfortable and calm, then it will start to work.

If you can’t reach that realm, then you can take some professional training classes.

Some time, you need some people to help you and guide you.