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DIY Red Wine Mask


DIY Red Wine Mask

In fact, I’ve heard about red wine masks, plus Big S’s “Beauty King” was introduced.

So I paid close attention to visiting the beauty salon, but later decided to help myself.

Because the red wine in the beauty salon is inconspicuous for fear of bad skin.

  Before self-help, I also carefully checked the information and learned that the acid in the red wine can indeed soften the dead skin, and then I started to act.

I first bought a mini bottle of French red wine at a convenience store. A 30 yuan bottle is the new wine that I want. When the mask is not used up, it will taste good and will not be wasted.

  There is a compression mask paper in Watsons, which has no maintenance ingredients at all, and is compressed into a small twisted shape. Each time you use it, it is a mask., Very uncomfortable, because there are no other similar products on the market, you can only use it).

Then sterilize the plastic small box purchased in Tupperware in the sterilizing cupboard, put the mask like a small re-form in a transparent plastic small box, and pour red wine.

The mask immediately triples as soon as it comes into contact with moisture.

The ingredients for pouring wine can be a mask that is not too large.

  Open the mask with your clean hands and apply it to your face. You can remove it when you feel the moisture on the mask is half dry.

It is recommended that you choose one day a week and apply before bathing.

Bathing is done with finger massage, which can remove the dead skin on your face. With your treatment like this, it is difficult to make your skin rosy and translucent.

  Note: 1. People who are allergic to alcohol cannot use the method; 2. Do not go out to the sun after exfoliating, otherwise it will accelerate skin aging; 3. It is best to use freshly opened red wine.