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Sleep is a good way to maintain health

Sleep is a good way to maintain health

Why do people have to sleep at night?

Chinese medicine believes that when people enter deep sleep, your brain waves are replaced with energy waves of the entire universe. This energy will enter your body and produce yang to supplement the energy needed by the body.

Therefore, the process of sleeping is not a process of driving the car into the parking lot, but the process of charging the whole body into the maintenance and repair shop and charging and refueling.

The product of man-made nature, the frequency of vibration in the body can easily lead to insomnia or disease if it is not harmonious with nature.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, it was said that yang has the function of resisting disease and invading the body.

In the culture of Chinese medicine, the maintenance of yang has always been considered as the basis for health care and treatment.

The process of sleeping is the best way to produce yang in the body.

So how do you sleep, can you absorb energy and sleep?

Chinese medicine tips, the most important thing is the sleep time and the quality of sleep.

First, ensure normal sleep time.

Adults should stay at least seven hours or more.

Second, improve the quality of sleep.

Deep sleep can help the body to automatically adjust the frequency, receive the signal of nature, accept the air of heaven and earth, to ensure that the yang is nourished.

Third, to ensure a relatively quiet sleeping environment.

Sun Sizhen’s philosophy of health advocated to sleep quietly.

Adjusting to sleep forward can also improve sleep quality.

According to the earth’s magnetic lines and the distribution of magnetic fields, some experts suggest that people can fall asleep in the direction of the south and head to the north to improve the quality of sleep.

Chinese medicine suggests that in the process of evaluating, judging and intervening each consumer behavior, people should pay attention to and point out the differences between people.

In the process of choosing how to sleep to sleep well, Chinese medicine suggests that people should avoid rushing, and they can constantly try to find the most suitable way of sleeping and change their personal consumption.

As the saying goes: “Eat and sleep well,” the surface is superficial, but the meaning is quite profound.

If a person can eat well and sleep well, then he has already shown a situation in which both body and mind are very healthy.

No matter how you feel sleep well, you can discover how beautiful life is.